Selling your property

Selling your property

Request a free property valuation

Free valuation

We can tell the value of your home and how many people are currently interested in it.

When you’re dreaming of a new home, ask us to valuate your current home. We will start the selling and help you find a new home. There’s no obligation or binding contract in the free valuation.

When you want to sell your property

Selling a home is for many the largest and most important transaction in the life. Our experienced and trained professionals will help you in all aspects. First we’ll ensure that your property will be promptly in the market – and not stuck in bureaucracy.

  • Free price-valuation of the property
  • Trained and experienced representative
  • Comprehensive client registry, with thousands of home seekers
  • Effective marketing
  • Active Property Presentation
  • All necessary documents
  • Cooperation also after the transaction

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